What Is The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency?

What Is The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency?

written by John Murphy | December 13, 2022

While cryptocurrency trading never stops, it runs around the clock over the year around the globe. But since it is a highly volatile market, thus many investors scratch their heads in search of the answer as to what is the best time to buy cryptocurrency.

As cryptocurrency is the future of finance, thus its investment valuation reaches new heights daily. It has a lot to offer to potential investors – and at the right time, it can make – or lose – significant sums of money.

Many equity investors wait for a specific time window to buy or sell their stocks, but this is different with the cryptocurrency market as the crypto market is yet to follow a particular pattern, which can help investors to decide on a suitable investment time.

So, this guide will identify the best day for crypto investment.

When to Execute Cryptocurrency Trade?

The Crypto market has shallow entry barriers, and inflation has pushed investors towards crypto investment to increase ancillary income. Similarly, the allure of turning a small investment into millions has attracted new investors to try their luck with cryptos.

Additionally, the hype around the crypto metaverse has installed the fear of missing out thought in some crypto skeptics. However, the high volatility leaves them in awe of when to put their eggs in a crypto basket.

Because an investment at the right time will only lead to favorable returns, let us explore the best times to execute a crypto trade.

  • Best Time of the Day to Buy Cryptocurrency

One of the pros of the crypto market is that you can trade them whenever you like, as there is no time limit. However, it is observed that the crypto market works in full swing in parallel to New York Stock Exchange. But, it has yet to decide the ideal day for trading cryptos.

We can design a pattern if we study the price charts of top cryptocurrencies. In addition, market experts say the best time of day to buy cryptocurrency is early in the morning. It is before the NYSE opens for trade. The logic behind this trend is that investors focus on the NYSE instead of the crypto market; thus, values tend to rise as the day progresses.

However, you should closely monitor daily fluctuations in the prices of different coins.

  • Best Time of the Week to Buy Cryptocurrency

Now that you are setting up early in the morning to study cryptocurrency trends, you need to start noticing more extended patterns from days to weeks.

As the trends suggest, the prices are lower when the market is less busy. Usually, the prices are on the higher side between regular working days. However, on weekends and public holidays, the prices generally slide down. 

Similarly, the prices on early Monday are the lowest and tend to rise throughout the week. So, Monday becomes the best day of the week to buy cryptocurrency.

  • Best Time of the Month to Buy Cryptocurrency

Based on our previous patterns, the price variations emerge as weeks turn into months. As the crypto price trends are constantly in flux, thus you need to show patience in drawing price patterns over an extended period.

Per market experts, the best time of the month for cryptocurrency is towards the end of the month. The weekly price trend also applies here; the prices are higher at the start of the month. In comparison, they collapse and show a downward trend as the month approaches its conclusion.

However, it is worth mentioning that cryptos are notorious for their volatility; thus, trends that come true one month can vary significantly in the next. Therefore, keep your thinking cap on and study the market closely. 

How to Time the Cryptocurrency Market

Just like stock trading, cryptocurrency trading has its best times for trade. You can earn valuable and better investment returns if bought or sold at the correct times. 

As we had already discussed, here is a quick recap of how to best time your investment and get the best possible prices.

  • With lower prices, the best time to buy cryptocurrencies is early Monday morning. 
  • As the crypto market follows the same pattern, the traditional stock exchange behaves, therefore studying stock market trading hours.
  • Always have a risk tolerance target in mind and stick to it while investing in cryptos.

However, it is difficult to ascertain the best time with complete surety as the cryptocurrency market is highly uncertain. Additionally, a few stock market strategies are also translatable to the crypto market.

Thus, what is the best time to buy cryptocurrency is as important a question as how to buy cryptocurrency. It is key to maximizing gains by closely monitoring market price trends and follow accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of the day is crypto the highest?

Experts say prices of cryptocurrencies are the highest from 8 am till 4 pm in the day. Prices are usually on the lower side early in the morning and slide upwards as the day passes.

Is Monday the best day to buy cryptocurrency?

The researchers’ tip investors to buy cryptocurrency on early Monday morning, as prices are generally on the lower side. However, this is not advice; it is merely market price analysis.

What day is the lowest price for cryptocurrency?

Generally, as the experts say and market trends show, Sunday is the day when cryptocurrency prices are at their lowest.

When are crypto prices the lowest and the highest?

Cryptocurrency prices are low at the start and end of the week and generally high midweek. 

Parting Thoughts

It seems highly unlikely to correctly predict – what is the best time to buy cryptocurrency, as the market is highly volatile. However, experts have been closely studying the crypto market and have developed price trends.

Generally speaking, early Monday is the best time to buy cryptocurrency, as prices are the lowest. However, it is not investment advice but rather a study of price trends.

Additionally, investors must study the market before choosing any investment time. However, suitable time can help investors save extra money for their trade. Therefore, having the right time for buying and selling is essential, especially for new investors. It will help them to maximize their profits.

We hope and wish you all the best with your price timing. Please share when you buy cryptocurrency. Is there a specific time that you follow to trade your digital coins? The comments section is open, and waiting for your feedback.