Cracking the Code: What Makes a Cryptocurrency Valuable
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Cracking the Code: What Makes a Cryptocurrency Valuable

written by John Murphy | March 27, 2023

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become more popular, with many investors seeing them as the best currency to invest in and make a profit.

As cryptocurrency is unlike other currencies like the U.S. dollar, Cryptocurrency operates without a central authority, making it valuable. If you want to know what makes a cryptocurrency valuable, we will tell you here in detail.

However, not all cryptocurrencies are created equal, and some are more valuable than others. This article will explore the factors that make cryptocurrency useful.

Key Takeaways

  • Demand, scarcity, use cases, security, and technology determine cryptocurrency’s value.
  • Scarcity makes cryptocurrency more valuable by creating a sense of rarity and exclusivity.
  • Cryptocurrency’s usefulness in everyday transactions can make it more valuable.
  • Advanced technologies can increase the value of cryptocurrencies.
  • Security increases trust and confidence in a cryptocurrency, thus increasing its value.
  • Cryptocurrencies can gain value if major companies and institutions adopt them.
  • Cryptocurrency value can be increased by a strong and engaged community.

Factors that Make Cryptocurrency Valuable

These various factors determine cryptocurrency value factors interact with each other in complex ways to select a particular cryptocurrency’s overall weight and potential.

Market Demand

Market demand is the first factor contributing to what makes a cryptocurrency valuable. The usefulness of a cryptocurrency increases as the number of individuals interested in purchasing it grows.

Hence, the demand for that currency also increases. The reason for this is that the presence of a greater number of buyers than sellers exerts upward pressure on the price.

The demand for cryptocurrency resembles that of other assets, such as stocks or real estate. If a particular currency is demanded, the price will go up. Various factors, including media coverage, investor sentiment, and regulatory changes, can influence market demand.

An instance of the power of celebrity endorsements is evident in the substantial increase in the price of Dogecoin following a tweet by Elon Musk.


The second factor that makes cryptocurrency valuable is scarcity. Some cryptocurrencies are created with a limited amount available, which can make them more valuable.

For example, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has an entire collection of 21 million coins. What does it mean? It means that after mining all currencies, there will be no need to create more cash.

What does scarcity do? When there’s only a limited amount of cryptocurrency available, it can make people feel like it’s rare and exclusive, which can increase the demand for it.

However, you should know that not all cryptocurrencies have a limited supply. Ripple is an example here. Ripple has a very high collection, which can limit its growth potential.

Use Cases

The third factor is use cases that are essential in making cryptocurrency valuable. People can use cryptocurrency for buying and selling things or keeping it as an investment. And it is more likely to be valuable in the future.

Let’s take bitcoin as an example; you can use it for transactions, and it is also widely accepted as a form of payment by many merchants. This means that cryptocurrency is more valuable than people think they can use just for selling in the future. It can be used in everyday transactions, making it more useful.


If a cryptocurrency uses the newest technology, it can affect how much it’s worth. Cryptocurrencies that use advanced technologies can be more valuable than other cryptocurrencies that use old technology.

For Example, Ethereum’s blockchain technology uses smart contracts that cannot be changed, and they can run without people’s control. This fantastic technology is more than just being used for money, making cryptocurrency valuable.


The crucial factor in increasing the value of a cryptocurrency is its security, which is what makes a cryptocurrency valuable. Because people trust and prefer the platform that provides them with high security. The security of cryptocurrency also decreases the chance of hacks, or other security breaches are more likely to be valuable.

For example, Bitcoin’s blockchain is famous for its high security, and no one can ever hack it. This security helps investors to build trust and confidence and maintains its value. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency that is hacked due to security issues may struggle to support its weight.

Adoption by Major Companies and Institutions

If big companies and important organizations start using cryptocurrency, it can become more valuable. When large organizations start accepting a particular cryptocurrency as payment or investing in it, it can increase demand and value.

For example, when Tesla said they were going to start using Bitcoin and even invested a lot of money in it, the value of Bitcoin went up a lot. This proves that when big companies support a cryptocurrency, it can have a big impact on how much it’s worth.

Regulation and Legal Status

Some countries banned and restricted cryptocurrency use and investment, while others have embraced them. Cryptocurrency with illegal status and a lack of precise regulation can make investors uncomfortable investing. This can also decrease the value of cryptocurrency.

However, cryptocurrency with legal status and favorable regulation can increase the confidence of people to invest in it. This can also increase the demand for cryptocurrency.

Community Support

The strength and support of a cryptocurrency’s community can also impact its value. A solid and engaged community can drive adoption and support innovation, which can increase the value of a cryptocurrency.

For example, despite its origins as a joke, the Dogecoin community has been instrumental in promoting cryptocurrency and driving up its value.


What determines the value of a cryptocurrency?

The value of a cryptocurrency is determined by several factors, including market demand, scarcity, use cases, technology, and security.

What makes cryptocurrency gain money?

Cryptocurrencies gain money when demand increases, and more people are willing to buy them at higher prices than what they were previously sold for. Factors such as market sentiment, media coverage, scarcity, use cases, technology, and security can influence this.

What makes cryptocurrency better than money?

Cryptocurrency is not necessarily better than money, as they serve different purposes. However, cryptocurrency has certain advantages, such as decentralization, security, and faster transactions, that make it a preferred option for some users.


In conclusion, the article explores the factors that contribute to what makes cryptocurrency valuable. These factors determine the value of a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its decentralized nature and potential for financial gain.

However, it is important to know the risks and volatility associated with investing in cryptocurrency. Despite its potential benefits, cryptocurrency should be viewed as something other than a replacement for traditional currencies or investment strategies. As with any investment, it is essential to research, understand the technology and market trends, and make informed decisions based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.