Where's My $100 Bitcoin? Brian Armstrong's Broken Promise
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Where's My $100 Bitcoin? Brian Armstrong's Broken Promise

written by John Murphy | April 14, 2023

It is reported in recent news that Brain Armstrong, the CEO of Coin base Faild gave $100 Bitcoin because he did not know the Bitcoin-Based payment solution by utilizing the Lighting network.

Key Takeaways:

  • Armstrong failed to deliver $100 Bitcoin to African cryptocurrency users.
  • Promised payment gained significant Twitter attention for Bitcoin in Africa.
  • The educator accused Armstrong of being unfamiliar with Lightning Network transactions.
  • Armstrong confused Bitcoin and email, leading to payment failure.
  • Coinbase’s press team and Armstrong did not respond to inquiries.

World Finance News announced on Twitter that Coinbase’s CEO, Brain Armstrong, is unfamiliar with the Lightning Network payment solution and owes $100.

However, since 2012 Armstrong has been a part of the Bitcoin space. In his recent tweet, he said he paid two people who gave the best example of using cryptocurrency in Africa.

Armstrong promised to reward people with $100 in Crypto, who replied to his tweet with photos short videos of less than 30 seconds of their method using Crypto.

Moreover, Armstrong’s tweet became the most shared and liked because it referred to Bitcoin in Africa instead of Crypto. Also, it manifests the speed and ease of utilizing Lighting Network.

However, despite 100 retweets and 600 likes, Brain Armstrong ignored my submission. Then I tried to contact motivators and creators of the Bitcoin community. An unknown Bitcoin educator named Wicked accused Armstrong in a post.

Wicked posted on Twitter that it’s strange that Brain Armstrong is unfamiliar with the Bitcoin transaction systems using Lighting Networks. Even though he is involved in the Bitcoin space, he didn’t post a single tweet regarding this.

The situation got weird when Brain Armstrong said to pay me $100 to the Lighting Address present in my Twitter profile bio, which is [email protected].

On the contrary, how can someone know about a Lighting address and not confuse it with an email address if he doesn’t know this?

That is a very big statement that using a Lighting Network is easy. I have evidence to prove this. Worldwide I distributed bitcoins to people with their Lighting wallets in the street and noted their reactions. Most reactions were “Wow” and “I don’t know it is so easy.

Crypto Breaking News: Latest Crypto & Bitcoin News announced on Twitter that due to Coinbase’s “send to email” feature through which, users send Bitcoin via emails. Armstrong confused Bitcoin and email. Because of this reason, Armstrong fails to deliver his promised payment.

However, before writing this article, I waited a few days to believe in Brain and Coinbase. I contacted the press team of Coinbase and repeatedly tweeted to Brain, but I didn’t get any response.

I doubt that the press team email referred to batching. Batching merges multiple payments in one transaction instead of a 2-Lyer Lighting Network in Bitcoin Blockchain.

Nevertheless, the wider Crypto and Bitcoin Community made some wonderful memes after three days of Armstrong saying, “I pay $100”.

For the 250-plus crypto projects Coinbase hosts, the company of Brain Armstrong is busy winning insider trading cases and new projects; Armstrong is active on Twitter then.

Meanwhile, I frighten that the Coinbase CEO and Crypto OG Brain Armstrong is trying to find the lighting address because I am still waiting for my $100.