Which Crypto Will Survive Next 5 Years?

Which Crypto Will Survive Next 5 Years?

written by John Murphy | January 13, 2023

While the cryptocurrency market got to a rocky start in 2023, many still own cryptocurrency, and new entrants are expected to rise. However, the high volatility nature of the crypto market leaves investors searching – which crypto will survive the next 5 years?

One thing is sure cryptocurrency will make the world a better place, despite a high-risk factor. But again, with risk – comes the reward.

Similarly, if we put on the lens and study history, we will observe no single cryptocurrency owns the top spot. In other words, the attrition rate in the top ten positions is high. However, blockchains do not die when they are not performing well, as they are highly resilient.

Especially during the bear market, anxious investors question whether their coin will survive the phase. So, we studied and developed a list of cryptos that will survive the next five years.

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Best Long-Term Cryptocurrencies

Since cryptocurrency is the future of finance, it keeps getting back when mocked down by market trends. Despite a large number of crypto projects, 22,250 approx. Investors are looking for the ones who will survive to live to their potential.

Although fastest growing cryptocurrencies tend to stay stable, trends suggest you keep a close eye on them as you never know when they will slide into oblivion.

To ease your nerves, we have created a list that satisfies the query as to which crypto will survive the next 5 years, and it goes as the following.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Market Cap – $ 322.5 billion

Bitcoin is the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It is one of the buy-and-hold digital asset classes that promise to stay relevant in the future. It is an apparent long-term option and has developed into a safe-haven investment.

Cryptocurrency vs Bitcoin is a household name these days. The long-term stability of the BTC coin is clear from the fact that it grew by 3,353% between May 2016 and January 2023. Furthermore, Bitcoin has partnered with the world’s leading tech companies, including Tesla, Microsoft, PayPal and others, thus proving its dedication to keeping the project running.

In short, Bitcoin is too big to fail in the next five years. So, BTC is the simple answer to which crypto will survive the next 5 years.

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Market Cap – $ 162.8 billion

When it comes to market cap, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency. Ethereum is both a blockchain as well a cryptocurrency. Copying Bitcoin, ETH is usable for storing value. However, it outperforms BTC by offering dApps.

Furthermore, new developers prefer Ethereum because it offers support for applications like smart contracts, which run automatically when certain conditions are met.

Similarly, Ethereum recently enhanced its scalability, security and sustainability by shifting its network to a proof-of-stake protocol. Thus, investors can now yield around 5% returns simply by staking their coins on the web.

Recently Goldman Sachs has taken notice of the development and is planning to bring Ethereum to its trading option. Based on past performance and future planning, we can safely tip Ethereum to stay longer.

  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Market Cap – $ 10.93 billion

ADA is another cryptocurrency ideal for long-term investment. Cardano’s proof-of-stake protocol is much faster, energy efficient and cheaper than competitors.

Although Ethereum’s recent transition has leveled the playing field, ADA stays ahead of ETH with PoS assets. Similarly, Cardano has a loyal community committed to its decentralized apps, which could keep its demand high in the future. 

Furthermore, following Cardano’s recent “hard fork,” – over 100 smart contracts were deployed and have experienced exponential growth. The upgrade has brought faster speeds without compromising security.

The project team is fully committed to keeping ADA on track by introducing new technologies and increasing usability by contracting with global companies.

  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Market Cap – $ 5.31 billion

 Although DOT is a relatively new cryptocurrency but has gained immense investment over the past year. Polkadot is the blockchain with DOT as its native token. Additionally, it offers a platform for users to develop innovative decentralized systems.

Since the idea of connecting independent blockchains into a unified network was so unique that it proved an instant hit, system integration allows users to create new chains and transfer digital assets across them.

Similarly, a recent update allows communication between multiple Polkadot parachains, thus opening new horizons for users.

Despite its recent performance, Polkadot faces immense competition, and recent advancements suggest it is one of the cryptos to stay for the long term.

  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Market Cap – $ 2.9 billion

The Ethereum-based Chainlink network offers real-time data from on-blockchain and off-blockchain smart contracts. The project aims to develop the world’s first blockchain oracle network. Thus, it shows tremendous potential to stay in the market for more than five years.

Since oracle is behind some significant blockchain technology and is an integral part of their system, we can safely conclude LINK will produce good financial reaps in the future.

A recent upgrade has enabled off-blockchain contracts, thus effectively reducing computational strain on the ETH main net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will cryptocurrencies vanish in the future?

The cryptocurrency market is already a billion industry and reaches new highs each day. Therefore, cryptocurrency is here to stay and is tipped as the future of finance.

Which crypto will blast in the future?

The cryptos below will likely explode based on market trends and experts’ opinions.

  • IMPT
  • DT2
  • ApeCoin
  • RIA

Which is the most stable cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is the most stable cryptocurrency and is expected to lead the way.

Parting Thoughts

The high volatility nature of cryptocurrency leaves investors questioning which crypto will survive the next 5 years. Well, it isn’t easy to chalk out with certainty which cryptos will perform better, but market trends and investors’ preferences light up the future path for cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, few people searching for how to make money on cryptocurrency also end up with the most trusted long-term projects. Therefore knowing such cryptocurrencies is the key to making profits.

As per research and expert opinion, Bitcoin and Ethereum are expected to survive for the next five years and beyond. Both cryptos have seen attractive investments and are likely to follow the pattern.

However, cryptocurrency investment is precarious. Therefore always seek professional advice and perform thorough technical analysis before investing.

We hope you enjoyed our article. Please leave your feedback and let us know what you think of the cryptos to survive in the next five years.