Why Is Crypto Important
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Why Is Crypto Important

written by John Murphy | October 22, 2022

Before we pursue our main question of why is crypto important? Let us first try to understand what crypto or cryptocurrency is.

Cryptos are a form of currency that does not exist physically but is stored online in a virtual world. They first became available in 2011 and gained enormous popularity among individuals and corporations.

Cryptocurrency kept on gaining value despite not having any financial authority’s backing. Many financial experts term cryptocurrency the future of the trade. It is happening as well, as many countries have already legalized the use of most volatile cryptocurrencies.

So the popularity, acceptability, and legal backing in the past few years suggest a positive trend and highlight the importance of crypto.

What Makes Crypto So Important?

For a decade, cryptocurrency was an unknown word to our ears, but the scenario has changed. A point to ponder is what has made it so popular in such a short time. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is the future of finance.

Let us discover the pros of cryptocurrency to understand its importance.

  •  Transaction Speed

Any other money transfer from one country to another takes, on average, three to five days—a time many people cannot afford in such a high-paced life. The fastest way of money transfer is wire transfer which takes around 24 hours. At the same time, stock trades usually settle in three days.

But, cryptocurrency transactions are complete in real-time. It is a game of seconds. All you need is to confirm your transaction by the network, which is fully settled, thus making funds fully available to use. by this you will easily acknowledge that why is crypto important?

Hence, cryptocurrency is fast-paced; you reduce transaction time from three days to three seconds.

  • Accessibility

Cryptocurrencies are available to every individual with an internet connection, a cell phone, or a laptop. Avoid the hassle of physically visiting a bank to get your account opened, and that too after providing multiple documents.

There are no references required, background checks, or ID verifications. Investors can easily enjoy financial services without following authority’s rules and regulations.

 Easy accessibility makes cryptocurrency an ideal alternative to traditional banking channels. You do not have to visit a branch to complete your transaction after multiple verifications.

  • Transaction Costs

 What was the amount you had to pay for an international wire transfer? It must have been more than $100. But cryptocurrency can do the same job for just $25 to $30. 

Cryptocurrency transactions generally cost way less than traditional modes. You may notice inflation in transaction costs, especially if they’re in high demand on a blockchain. Even then, median prices remain lower than wire transfer fees on the most loaded blockchains.

  • Security

Since cryptocurrency has no physical presence, it is less prone to theft and snatching. You only need to buy a good crypto wallet to secure your currency.

All your cryptocurrency is safe as long as your private key is secure. Furthermore, the blockchain system facilitates all transactions.

Any attempt to hack a blockchain requires enough computing power to alter the network. High-end cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum need a complex set of blocks to access a wallet, which makes cryptocurrency more secure.

  • Diversification

If you are tired of dealing in stocks or bonds, your next challenge is cryptocurrency. It offers diversification to investors. A diversified portfolio usually gains more yield; do not place all your eggs in a single basket.

 You can quickly generate reasonable returns by combining assets with minimal price correlation. Interestingly, your crypto assets may still increase even if your portfolio falls. However, cryptocurrency is still so volatile that the risk remains high, so allocate your resources after proper research.

  • Transparency

Unlike the conventional banking system, cryptocurrency trade occurs on publicly shared blockchain ledgers. Simple tools allow traders to view transactions across the network, thus making their investments easy.

Transparency helps to reduce fraudulent transactions. You can swiftly send or receive money without the hassle of doubt whether it has reached the desired partner. 

  • Inflation Protection 

With strict control regarding mining coins, many cryptocurrencies are providing inflation protection systems. Many famous cryptos use this maximum cap system to avoid overpricing or underpricing of respective currencies. 

Inflation can badly hit any currency’s valuation, making cryptos unique and vital. 

Valuation Of Cryptocurrency

here a question arises that Why Is Crypto Important? Based on all the above points, we can safely exhibit that cryptocurrency is not a thing to ignore. The utility provided by cryptocurrency is fast and secure. 

Looking into trends, we can safely say they will improve value and acceptability. With improved technicality and fewer hacking problems, cryptocurrency will surely make headlines.


In what ways does crypto make a difference?

Cryptocurrency is key to revolutionizing how we interact in the digital world. It enables us to make peer-to-peer transactions with unique features like inflation protection and real-time accessibility.

Is crypto good for the future?

By looking at the trend, we can safely say that the future lies in cryptocurrency. The way it has developed and attract new investors worldwide, cryptos indeed are suitable for the future.

Is crypto better than cash?

Crypto offers the same value as hard cash but without any physical existence. You fear getting your money snatched, but it is not the case in the digital world. All you need is to keep your key safe, and your assets are fully secured.

What are key features which increase the importance of crypto?

The main features distinguishing cryptocurrency from traditional currency include transaction speed, security, privacy, inflation protection, accessibility, and diversification. 

Is investing in crypto a good idea?

Investment in cryptos is risky, but the higher the risk, the higher the yield. Despite being highly volatile, cryptos have attracted heavy investments over the years. So, yes! But always have a solid strategy and seek professional advice before investing in cryptos.



Cryptocurrency brings many new features to the table when it comes to trading. Cryptocurrency is the future of finance. Equipped with unmatched pros, many investors find it easy to put their savings in cryptocurrency. So, you can understand that why is crypto important?

Countries legalizing the use of cryptocurrency have added to the importance of cryptocurrencies. However, since they are highly volatile, we suggest looking for a proper portfolio before investing.