(WazirX) WRX price prediction

(WazirX) WRX price prediction

written by John Murphy | April 30, 2023

Wrx is a Crypto exchange that is used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It also offers to trade in Indian rupees. It is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange and is the most famous in India. It was founded in 2018.


  1. The wrx coin is not considered a good option to invest in due to the current technical analysis. 
  2. The value of the wrx coin by the year 2013 will be $3.32. 
  3. Wrx coin allows the cryptocurrency exchange in INR that is the Indian rupee.

The wrx coin is built on top of the blockchain used by Binance. People that have this token will be rewarded with a variety of works. According to the current analysis, the price of wrx is predicted to rise by 1.20% in 2023. The current sentiment is bearish and the fear and greed index shows 64 greed. It shows a price volatility of 4.80% and it is not a suitable time to buy wrx.

Green days are also recorded as 57%. It can be predicted where the price of wrx will head in the long term by doing the technical analysis. Keeping in view the technical indicators, the 200-day sma will drop in the next month. 

WRX price prediction: Past price analysis

The data which is gathered to get technical analysis of the currency shows that the current price of wrx is $0.17 and it ranks at 345 number in the Crypto market. The price of wrx has shown an increase of 2.59% since yesterday.

 Wrx is having a hard time as compared to other Crypto coins. In the last 7 days it is -0.09% down. This coin is not going to be a good option to invest in the short term. its price has decreased – 0.01% in the last one month and it shows a sudden down.The 90 days price is around 16.37%. The last 4 months have shown a growth Trend.

WRX Overview

Coin nameWazirX
Market cap$63,031,248
Volume 24$493,189
Circulating supply381,856,872 WRX
Current price$0.1651

What is WRX Coin?

W RX was launched in India and it became very popular and showed good growth. wrx was acquired by Binance in 2019 that gave it even more boost and users. It is a digital asset used in Wazir X exchange.

It provides users with easy exchange. The total wrx supply is one billion. The price of wrx is increasing and it is expected to increase in value. its token has shown many ups and downs and currently it is going in an upward trend so the users should do their own research before investing in it.

WRX is determined to create a sustainable token economy for its users. It has implemented 2 factor authentication to make sure that funds remain safe. They also offer a mobile app. it offers instant inr deposit and withdrawal options.

It has also recently launched its own p2p platform that enables the users to buy or sell without any fees. wrx predictions are that its price will rise significantly. 

WRX Coin Price prediction: Future Price Analysis

By using the technical analysis of the past prices of the Wazir X we predict its future prices. We have made sure to gather the maximum data including market cap, wrx volume, fast prices etc.

If you are looking to invest in it then do give a read to our predictions but keep in mind that these predictions are only the suggestions of experts in the market and not 100% likely to happen..

WRX Coin price prediction 2023

During the year 2023, the average price value will be at $0.22.

WRX Coin price prediction 2025

 The average price value will be $0.47 throughout the year 2025.

WRX Coin price prediction 2027

By the year 2027, the average price value will be $0.99 throughout the whole year.

WRX Coin price prediction 2029

The average price value will be $2.18 throughout this year.

WRX Coin price prediction 2030 

 The average price value is suggested to be at $3.23 by the year 2030.


Is the wrx coin a good investment option?

 Its price is expected to rise but it can be considered as an investment option and always keep in mind that there is a risk in investing due to the price fluctuations.

 What is the highest price prediction of wrx in 2023?

 The highest price prediction of Veto in 2023 is that it will reach a maximum of $0.22 throughout the rest of 2023. 

What can be the highest price of wrx?

The highest price at the end of this year will be $0.2 and within a span of 5 years it will reach $2.18 in future. 

What is the Wrx coin sentiment at this moment?

 The sentiment of the wrx coin right now is bearish. 

What is the future of wrx?

Iits future depends on the overall performance of the crypto industry. Just make sure to use the right strategy.


Wrx coin does not appear to have a good potential and utility based on the current analysis. It can be considered as an option to invest in but the Crypto market is highly volatile so the long-term price of wrx cannot be determined for sure. But the  past price analysis shows stability so be very well informed while making a decision of investing in this market.