Ygg Token Price Prediction
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Ygg Token Price Prediction

written by John Murphy | April 11, 2023

Ygg has been showing a bullish trend in terms of price lately and what demonstration do we get about the Ygg token Price Prediction from the charts? to better understand the price prediction we must first consider the technical and fundamental analysis of the Ygg crypto.


  • YGG is a native token to Yield Guild games Decentralised Autonomous Organization DAO.
  • With the Unique approach to investing in NFTs, the YGG token is expected to grow in the future.
  • By 2030 the price of the YGG token is expected to reach around $6

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a blockchain-based gaming guild that invests in NFTs. The main focus of this innovative crypto is Play-to-Earn P2E. Also, many people in the gaming sector can’t even afford to play games and that’s what Ygg is working on. Its mission is to provide opportunities for underprivileged gamers.

With crypto adoption growing worldwide, every network is coming up with new projects to adjust in the fight to survive in this dominating market. In this article, you will find more about the Ygg crypto price prediction.

Ygg Token Price Prediction: Past and present analysis

The Yield Guild Games token currently ranks at #374 amongst all the cryptos in the crypto market. Ygg token price prediction shows a bullish trend in the long run. The value of YGG has been increasing exponentially over time.

In addition, the total circulating supply of Ygg is $185,125,000 and has a market cap of $49,273,517. Its current price is around $0.27. Recently the price moved with a bearish sentiment by 5.34%. However, despite that, the long-term sentiment seems to be bullish.

The upward trend of Ygg in the recent charts indicates a strong potential for Ygg over the past 7 days. Moreover, the price of YGG has also shown a substantial increase of around 39.40%, with a min average price of $0.16 and a max average price of $0.18, over the past 90 days. This movement suggests that there is a growing trend for YGG, which means that similar parts of the market were quite popular during that period.

There was also an increase in the trading volume of YGG tokens over the past 4 months. However, during the last week token witnessed a sudden dip in its price which represents a good opportunity to invest in the token.

Yield Guild Games Token Overview

Token NameYield Guild Games
24h Volume$ 16,747,559
MarketCap$ 48,276,670
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Current Price$0.27

What is Yield Guild Games Token?

YGG is a native token to Yield Guild Games. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token and serves as a governance token for the YGG DAO. The holders of YGG tokens get the autonomy to vote on important decisions like which new games to get, how to allocate funds etc, mostly related to DAO.

These tokens can also be used to reward the members of the YGG community, specifically those who contribute to the token’s growth and development. For instance, Players are rewarded for lending their NFTs to the DAO. The rewards depend on the amount of YGG tokens that the player has staked.

Furthermore, there is also a utility function for the Ygg token. The players can play for NFT rentals from the Ygg treasury. They can use YGG tokens to rent the NFTs maintained in the treasury and then later utilize those NFTs to earn rewards in the games.

As aforementioned that the YGG token experienced significant growth recently. Its price increased by 1.96% and has been showing a good upward trend.

But is YGG a good investment?

Why not, the YGG token is certainly an innovative solution for the players to participate in the growing world of blockchain technology in gaming and the metaverse economy. With continued adoption, the YGG token is set for an even brighter future ahead which makes it a good investment option indeed.

Yield Guild Games Token price prediction: Future Analysis

The growth of the YGG token is mostly based on it its growing popularity and use case. That’s where we can get the YGG token price prediction analysis as well. In the coming years, the price of the token will also grow substantially based on the current chart movements. This can only be determined and analyzed using certain parameters of analysis. you can get the price analysis by carrying out technical analysis and fundamental analysis of the token.

You might have got an idea of the recent growth of the YGG tokens in the market. Moreover, there are no significant drops expected either.

YGG price prediction 2023

The crypto market on whole is bullish and gives optimism to the investors of crypto as well ever since the price of Bitcoin has been thriving and has reached $30,000 after a long time now. Ultimately turning the entire crypto market bullish with kind of a ripple effect.

In 2023 the price of YGG is supposed to increase gradually and might possibly reach a high of $0.410957. With no significant drops for the token on its way to success. Fast forward to 2024, the average price of the YGG token is expected to reach $0.52 and if the market remains the same bullish then it may reach the price of $3.47 by 2029.

YGG price prediction 2030

The Yield Guild games possess a great sum of potential for growth. Not only that it is anticipated that future collaborations and technological advancements may attract more investors to the platform. If that happens the price of YGG will increase eventually. Looking forward to YGG price prediction in 2030, a recent concern for investors as most of them look to hold on to the token. While they hold they expect the prices to go upwards. Thus recent data predicts that the price of YGG could reach $6.09, with some fluctuations on the way.


So if you’re wondering ‘What is the future price of YGG?’ then here is the answer. For YGG token price prediction to remain positive it is important for the market to keep pivoting towards the bullish side. Once the bullish sentiment builds up the prices continue to rise as it is.

As for YGG the price prediction analysis is already bullish and it seems the token will continue to grow because of the amazing features it has and the purpose it serves. All of the price predictions were merely based on the current market trends and might carry depending on the varying and volatile market conditions.